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All Players privacy is much important for us. Policy will be updated if any change needed. Information is only collected to give your the best services.(Such as Browser information,IP Address, Internal pages or even Sites information)

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Cookies are necessary to provide better services to the players (visitor). we use cookies and sessions to store info about visitors preferences and history.

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You can control your privacy by changing your browser settings to disable cookies. be careful disable cookies for all sites may disturb your visits to some sites. We Suggest you to disable cookies on per site basis. Google it to know that how to disable cookies. our privacy police is strong enough. we never share any information with any one.
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we us third party advertisements such as, Copacet, epic, ad4game etc. We inform you that we are not responsible for any type of any ad shown by third parties on our sites.
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All rights are reserved. Content are original. we not allowed anyone to copy and republish our articles and images from our sites. Inform us if you see any copyrighted material on this site. After verification we will remove that within 48 hours.

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